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Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques for an erotic purpose. The technique is used with consensual intent and in a way that increases sexual arousal, the techniques are applied as a means to stimulate libido, or increase the ability to respond to sensual stimulation. It consists of stimulating the skin to provoke sensations of pleasure and sexual excitement. It uses a minimum intensity, like caresses and long passes.

Best Massages With Happy Ending

The erotic massage can be used as part of the couple’s erotic game, within the preliminaries, to do so can use objects such as a pen or ice cube, and use them to awaken the innumerable nerve endings that our skin has.

The most Sensual Massages in Valencia

In addition, erotic massage within sexual relations, gives prominence to the rest of the body and not only the genitals, which are by default the organs that are most related to sexual pleasure. Discovering and enjoying the pleasures of erotic massage within sexual practice can be very exciting and pleasurable.


1/2 hour erotic massage: 60 euros.

1 hour Erotic massage: 80 euros.

1/2 hour Body to body massage: 70 euros.

1 hour Body to body massage: 90 euros.

1/2 Massage body to body mutual: 90 euros.

1 hour Body to body mutual massage: 120 euros.

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