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Tantric Massage is a sensitive experience that explores the path of well-being and intense pleasure through traditional Tantric maneuvers, made with respect, sweetness, delicacy and sensitivity.

The whole body is meticulously massaged from head to toe, passing through the back, hips, buttocks, legs, belly, chest… and specifically includes the genital area. For tantra the body as a whole is highly erogenous.

The main feature of Tantric Massage is to increase the capacity of pleasure, both corporal and psychic, favouring the consciousness of the body so often denied and numb. Enabling the release of energies, as well as balancing them.

It is a complete body massage executed with sweetness and delicacy in an environment that favors sensuality and the expression of excitement to which it is elegantly induced, through Tantric stimulation.

This massage is performed on men, women or couples.

Tantra massage receiver: 1 hour -80 euros

Tantra mutual massage: 1 hour -120 euros

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