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The previous recommendations are similar to those of other tantric practices. It should be done away from meals and, if possible, after a relaxing bath.

The purpose of this massage is to relax the man and bring him closer to his most sensitive side.

The tantric massage of the Lingam strengthens the intimate bond of the couple, and also helps to fix or heal any bad experience related to sex. Therefore, orgasm and ejaculation are not the purpose of this massage. The ultimate goal is the exploration of a new form of pleasure, not conditioned by stereotypical factors such as that moment of climax. To begin with the massage and prepare the atmosphere in the couple and create a connection, it is necessary to begin with a previous approach, tender caresses, hugs and look into each other’s eyes, with the idea of breaking down the obstacles or borders that are separating the couple.

The man should lie on his back, on cushions that lift his torso and head. The posture should be comfortable, with the knees slightly bent and your legs should be apart. Fully exposed genitals for a totally effective massage.

Normally this massage is the continuation of the tantra massage, explained in detail in its section.


Lingam+sensitive massage (receiver): 80 euros
Lingam massage+sensitive (mutual): 120 euros

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