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Tantra has a very beautiful practice, which is the massage of the sexual organs, both female and male.
Yoni is the Sanskrit name of the vagina and means Sacred Temple, so it is remarkable how this conception is much more respectful and poetic than that of the West.
The Yoni massage aims to relax the woman before the sexual union, that she can truly enjoy the desire to awaken all her senses. This massage is highly recommended because it creates a bond of intimacy and trust between the couple that will make copulation more natural. It is even recommended when a woman has traumas or prejudices that limit her sexual abilities to feel pleasure.

Yoni massage is not intended to cause orgasm. Sometimes this can happen, but the search is to cause pleasure to the yoni, and that the woman can enjoy without thinking about what should reach a goal.

Massage given by Alejandro, our tantra teacher or one of his students.

Yoni+sensitive massage: 90 euros.

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