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Beatrizcaballero's Services


We offer the perfect woman for any occasion. Such as business meetings, Erotic secretaries, sexy housewives, companions at dinners, lunches and breakfasts.

Attitude GFE

We will treat you like a boyfriend, including flirting, petting, kissing, eating and drinking and the use of lingerie with a possible use of sex toys and the practice of a "full service".


Kisses are the fact of putting the lips together a part of your body, it is a very sensitive area that provokes an instant pleasure for both members who share it.


We have the option to make your sexual fantasies come true, erotic desires that are created in our heads and are usually our deepest secrets or taboo.

Tantric Arts

In erotic massage, the erogenous zones are stimulated in such a way as to increase arousal. It consists of stimulating the body and the senses until the man or woman reaches orgasm. In this case, ejaculation is not so important.


We relieve your need for a body part, object or material to achieve sexual arousal. there are different types of fetishes, some easy and simple to make.

Natural French

It is a very pleasant sexual practice for both the practitioner and the recipient. It consists of stimulating the penis using the tongue, lips and mouth. When performed without a condom, the penis and mouth are in direct contact during fellatio.

Erotic Massage

Basically, in this type of massage we do not seek to decontract the muscles or relieve pain, but to highlight and focus on our sensitive part. Many of them include the genital area as a part of the body.


The main objective of the striptease is to seduce and excite the viewer. It consists of a erotic dance in which the person is slowly and sensually undressed, to the rhythm of the music, other elements such as chairs, toys or bars can help.


A Duplex is the ultimate fantasy, a service in which 2 girls do not interact with each other in any way but only providing pleasure to the client.


A few days of pleasure and luxury on the best beaches of the Pacific, boat trips in the Caribbean, relaxing days in a lost villa with a beautiful girl by your side to satisfy your desires.


Our models provide escort service. A complete fantasy, whatever the combination: two men and a woman, two women and a man, etc.


Many men ask for an escort to come to their apartment or hotel room.

Disabled persons

Attention to the disabled. We relieve all your needs, to get you sexually aroused.

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